When it comes to art we humans are great in producing a variety of them scaling the opportunity of very little things we have had. So we need to thank the Mother Nature for getting as the creativity in mind to discover all these fashionable things. Also the world is fast changing and the responsibility of humans is to develop certain art forms that can really fit better in the present scenario. Using dress to decorate ourselves is going to be a very important part in our civilisation and you can easily choose various vintage or decorative dresses while enjoying the festivals. Every culture in the world is having such special festivals where people use a typical cultural dress.

A world made with fashion

Our world is getting a lot of colours from the globalization that is slowly getting its hold over the entire world. Also as a result of Hollywood movies that have been screened all over the world each and every people in the entire world is aware of various fashion aspects in the movies. If you connect these both sentences that is present above then you may easily find out the real picture behind the dress festivals which can be explained as costume plays and they can be an interesting art through various colours in the dress.

care while having a car

Costume really plays

This is a specific kind of art where the ones participating in it will use to wear dresses that imitate their favourite stars or characters mostly from the comics and other cartoons. Also the list includes the name of superman, batman and the recent iron man. There are also many such super heroes who have been taken from the video games too. When it comes to convention then the place you need to visit is the San Diego which holds the comic con where you can able to see a huge number of characters including devils and princesses and many other too. This event is not only conducted in stages but also in streets and public crowds too.

Manga and animes

But telling about the cosplays it is also very important to say a few words about the manga because this costume play art really gets many of its inspiration from the manga series of Japan. The manga is a Japanese term that is used to describe the comics produced in Japan. Another important inspiration for the costume plays is the animes which also originate from the country of Japan.

As we all know, foods are the most important thing that influences the healthy lifestyle. It is to be noted that the foods can be solution for various health issues and it can also be the reason for various health risks. Hence the foods should be handled in the right way in order to extract only the benefits out of them. Especially in this pandemic situation, one should concentrate on their food habits in order to lead a healthy lifestyle. Many people tend to have many different queries regarding the food habits are to be followed in this pandemic. Some of those questions and the best answer for them are revealed in this article.

Will corona spread through fruits and vegetables?

This is one of the most common questions raised by many people in current trend. They tend to have fear in taking fruits and vegetables as they consider it as the possibility for getting corona. But this is not the fact. Up to the recent research, there are no traces that corona can spread through the fruits and vegetables. To reveal the fact, it is highly important to encourage the high intake of vegetables and fruits.

Foods to avoid while travelling

Will corona spread through food packaging?

The other information which is highly spread among the people in current trend is the corona virus can spread through food packaging. These people can get rid of their worries that this is just a rumor. The corona virus needs a living organism to get multiplied and to survive. They cannot survive or multiple on the food packaging materials. Hence it is not necessary to disinfect these packages. However, in order to remain on the safer side, one can wash their hands properly after unpacking the foods or before having their meals.

How to wash fruits and vegetables?

It is to be noted that there is no special effort needed for washing the fruits and vegetables in this pandemic situation. They can be washed same as before. But one must remember that before washing the fruits and vegetables, they must wash their hands properly or they should use proper disinfectant. In case if the fruits and vegetables are to be taken raw, they should be cleaned with clean and hygienic water. Apart from these, no special liquid or disinfectants are to be used over the fruits or the vegetables as it is not needed in current situation.