10 Ways to wear Green Dresses

The wide range of possibilities in green dresses is impressive only if you give them a little touch. From formal wedding gowns to casual summer dresses, we’ve got the ten best ways to wear t green dress!

1. Dress up in your green dress for a formal event

Of course, you don’t have to abandon all your formal dresses when it’s too hot or cold outside. This is a great way to dress your green dress up while still wearing it casually at the same time. You can wear your gown like a ball gown, put on a cute summer coat and some boots, or pair it with some strapless heels for something fancier. The sky is the limit!

2. Add an accessory to your green dress:

Maybe you’re not the type who usually wears jewellery to formal events, but this is more of a winter wedding event. Consider wearing one accessory that you don’t ordinarily wear – like jewellery. Consider wearing jewellery that coordinates with your favourite green dress. It’s a great way to make your outfit more unique and flashy.

3. Add a pop of colour to your green dress:

If you can’t rock your green dress with the weather, the time of year, or the occasion, make it look like you can! Make it brighter by adding some bold colours. Wear it in an outfit you would have worn anyway. You don’t want to look like you’re wearing two different outfits just because one happens to be green!

4. Pair your green dress with another colour:

This is also a great way to add some more flair to your holiday outfit that’s already very festive.

5. Wear your green dress as a swimsuit:

If you catch the sun, you’ll notice people’s attention when you dress like this and head out to the beach or the pool during the warmer months of the year. It will be seen!

6. Add accessories when it’s cold outside:

The biggest downfall with wearing a green dress in the winter is that it will only be seen if you layer on some clothes.

Add a scarf to your outfit, and you will be ready to walk out the door in minutes. This is an especially great option for those who love jewellery that makes a statement!

green dress

7. Try wearing your green dress under your coat or cardigan:

While this is not the best idea if you live somewhere very cold, it’s possible to wear green dresses under all kinds of clothing in the winter. Just make sure you layer on whatever you wear with the green dress underneath so it doesn’t become too overdone!

8. Try wearing your green dress with a colourful, floral belt:

Like number 7, this is a great way to add some pop to your green dress in the winter. This doesn’t have to be done all at once, though. Get creative and add accessories and clothing with other colours as it becomes warmer throughout the year!

9. Wear your green dress with trousers before it gets warm out:

This is a great way to get a slight extra wear out of your emerald apparel when it’s still cold outside.

10. Wear your green dress with a pea coat or wool coat:

The advantage of wearing your green dress under your jacket is that you don’t have to add anything! This is a great way to get extra wear out of it before summer or before someone wants the dress back in the closet. You can add accessories like scarves, sweaters, and hats as it becomes colder outside.


Green is a great colour to choose when you want to get noticed. It’s also an exciting colour, which is why it’s perfect for special occasions like prom and other formal events. You have to look for a way to wear your green dress to stand out and look pretty.